Sweep over the stark Badlands of South Dakota, under the curve of St. Louis Arch, along the shores of Indiana Dunes, and through the rugged wild of Isle Royale to gain a sense of the vast and diverse territory covered by NPCA's Midwest Regional Office. Spanning eleven states, the parks in this region – such as Lincoln Home National Historic Site – reverberate with the stories of America, teaching us about our journey as a country, from our early residents to our presidents, and from tragic battles to triumphs of progress. In addition, they inspire us with their beauty, size, and natural resources. Building support for, and ensuring the protection of, these special places is the focus of NPCA’s Midwest Regional Office.

The Midwest regional team is based in Chicago, with a field office in St. Paul, Minnesota. The diversity of this region’s parks means that the staff might spend one day fighting for the continued survival of wolves in the wilderness of Isle Royale National Park and the next day working to improve public transit at Chicago’s first national park, Pullman National Monument.

Because parks do not exist in isolation, the Midwest team works with the National Park Service and many landowners to protect parks in their landscapes. For example, at Indiana Dunes National Park on the shores of Lake Michigan, NPCA brings public and private land managers together to solve conservation challenges, such as controlling invasive species, managing erosion, and leveraging staff and project funds to better protect wildlife and nature in the highly industrialized and fragmented landscape.

In the urban environment, after advocating diligently for the designation of Pullman, the team is working with hundreds of Chicago residents, businesses and government agencies to implement the award-winning vision, Positioning Pullman.

The Midwest team will continue to build national park advocates in its 11 states to fight for enhanced protections of the beautiful and historic national parks that make this region so exceptional.

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