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    The Legacy of Fred Korematsu

    Jan 2023 | By Jennifer Errick

    He fought against his forced imprisonment, all the way to the Supreme Court. Today, the National Park Service helps interpret the dark history behind World War II incarceration camps.

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    Celebrating Places and Stories Within Nature: San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

    Jan 2023 | By Alana Garibaldi

    The first video in a new series showcases park advocate Josie Gutierrez and how exercising in San Antonio Missions transformed her appreciation for this natural and historical space. Her passion…

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    2022 — What a Year for Parks!

    Dec 2022 | By Chyla Anderson

    We celebrate 2022 for the strides made in protecting parks, preserving land and wildlife, and honoring important sites in our nation’s progress toward equality — accomplishments that could not have…

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    Arlington House May Get a New Name

    Dec 2022 | By Linda Coutant

    Legislators and descendants of Robert E. Lee and the families he enslaved want to drop the Confederate general from the formal name of the manor house at Arlington National Cemetery.

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    8 Park Bills Congress Should Pass

    Dec 2022 | By Christina Hazard

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Five of these bills received congressional approval on Dec. 23, 2022, at the end of the 117th Congress. Read below for updates. NPCA is pushing to get national…

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    Climate Change Forces Difficult Decisions Along the Colorado River

    Dec 2022 | By Miché Lozano

    Without enough water to go around, federal agencies and advocates weigh competing needs of people and threatened fish.