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    7 Dream Destinations Worth Planning For

    Dec 2020 | By Jennifer Errick

    The pandemic is restricting travel for many people — but extra time stuck at home now could mean more extensive preparation for an epic park adventure when conditions are safe…

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    Gifts That Give Back

    Nov 2020 | By Casey Pola

    These park-themed gifts from NPCA and our partners provide fun ways to give while supporting America’s favorite places and our mission to protect them.

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    Seeing Stars

    Nov 2020 | By Cassidy Jones

    A former national park ranger shares how staff and partners at Timpanogos Cave are bringing the dark-sky experience to thousands of people in the most populous part of Utah.

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    From Guantanamo to Glacier: A Story of Love and Yoga

    Nov 2020 | By Abby Rosmarin

    New video series features yoga instructors who have served in our armed forces, filmed at some of our most beautiful parks.

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    What's Next for Parks?

    Nov 2020 | By Theresa Pierno

    The work to protect our public lands doesn’t stop as the ballots are counted. Here’s what NPCA staff are focused on as we sort through the post-election landscape.

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    Prehistoric Sharks Discovered at Mammoth Cave, Among Other Scientific Surprises

    Oct 2020 | By Christa Cherava

    Paleontologists uncover remarkable findings at three separate park sites, with potential for more new discoveries