NPCA’s Board of Trustees is the governing body for the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization — the nation’s leading voice for America’s national parks.

as of October 23, 2020

Victor H. Fazio – Arlington, VA

Denis P. Galvin – McLean, VA
Bill Huyett – Concord, MA
Elizabeth Waddill – Forth Worth, TX

Roberta R. Katz – Palo Alto, CA

Sändra J. Washington – Lincoln, NE

David Aldrich - Vienna, VA
Donald B. Ayer - McLean, VA
Nikki Buffa - Laguna Niguel, CA
Jennifer L. Costley – Olivebridge, NY
James R. Floyd - Tulsa, OK
Mortimer B. Fuller, III – Waverly, PA
Fernando Gracia - Arlington, VA
Helen Hernandez – Pasadena, CA
Vincent E. Hoenigman – San Francisco, CA
Robert B. Keiter – Salt Lake City, UT
Eaddo Hayes Kiernan – Greenwich, CT
Katharine Overlock – Greenwich, CT
Susan Pohl - Seattle, WA
Margaret Raffin – Palo Alto, CA
Bruce V. Rauner – Key Largo, FL
Lauret Savoy, Ph.D. – Leverett, MA
William Taggart, Jr. – Madison, NJ
Greg A. Vital - Georgetown, TN

William R. Berkley – Miami, FL
Diana J. Blank – Bozeman, MT
Sally Jewell – Seattle, WA
Gretchen Long – Wilson, WY
Glenn Padnick – Beverly Hills, CA
Thomas F. Secunda – Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Gene T. Sykes – Los Angeles, CA
Fran Ulmer, Trustee Emeritus – Anchorage, AK
H. William Walter – Minneapolis, MN

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