Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) are a convenient way to simplify your charitable giving to NPCA.

DAFs are the fastest-growing giving method and a tax-efficient way to manage your charitable donations. They allow donors to make a contribution and receive an immediate tax deduction.

Your thoughtful gift allows NPCA to continue to advocate for the future of our treasured national parks.


How to use the DAF Direct Widget

The DAF Direct Widget makes it easy for you to give through your Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or BNY Mellon Charitable account.

After you select the institution that manages your donor-advised fund, simply enter the dollar amount you want to donate to NPCA and click “next.” You will then be directed to an external website to complete your gift.

We will be notified of your generous donation after the DAF institution sends us your contribution.

If you don’t already have a DAF, contact your financial advisor to learn how to set up a donor-advised fund.

Designating NPCA as a Successor-In-Interest on your Donor-Advised Fund

Consider designating NPCA as a successor-in interest to a percentage of your charitable giving account to support national parks after your lifetime. Naming NPCA as a successor-in-interest is similar to making a beneficiary designation on a retirement account.

For more information about how to name NPCA on your donor-advised fund, contact the public charity that holds your account or contact West Honeycutt, NPCA’s Director of Planned Giving at 202.809.2787 or for more information.

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