The Northern Rockies bring to mind a montage of postcard-worthy images: Grand Teton’s snow-capped mountains rising above rich valley floors; a pack of Yellowstone’s wolves, heads back, mid-howl; Old Faithful’s powerful, sky-high eruption; Glacier’s sky-blue lakes ringed by jagged peaks. Though undeniably picturesque, the national parks of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming have so much more to offer. These parks safeguard our shared history, culture, and traditions. They also represent staggering biologic and geographic diversity, from grasslands and badlands to canyons and glaciers. NPCA’s Northern Rockies Regional Office, and its three field offices, work to preserve the natural and cultural resources of these vast and iconic landscapes.

Serving as anchors for larger ecosystems, the parks in this region are shaped by what happens beyond their boundaries. Accordingly, the staff of our Northern Rockies office focus on landscape-level conservation. Partnering with communities and organizations across state and international borders, they advocate for the stewardship of adjacent lands, creating networks of protection with parks at the wild heart of larger landscapes. The team promotes responsible resource development, and seeks to ensure the safe movement of wildlife – especially bison and pronghorn – across park boundaries and onto neighboring lands. And, in this recreation wonderland, they strive to balance visitor use with natural resource protection.


Northern Rockies Regional Office Field Reports

These field reports provide timely updates and perspectives on issues of interest to our members and supporters in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and North Dakota.

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Recent hard-won victories include increased protection for the Crown of the Continent ecosystem through passage of the North Fork Watershed Protection Act, and the completion of a winter-use plan for Yellowstone. Today, the staff of the Northern Rockies region diligently works to promote the transfer of 1,200 acres of state-owned land within Grand Teton to the park, to uphold the integrity of Montana’s Badger-Two Medicine area near Glacier, to develop an improved Bison Management Plan for Yellowstone, to protect the integrity of the grizzly bear population, and much, much more. Join the Northern Rockies region in their tireless work, and help NPCA make the long-term protection of these special places a reality.

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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

This 20-mile long canyon was formed by the Yellowstone River. Today, visitors stop along the rims of the canyon or hike its many trails to marvel at the Upper and Lower Falls, 109 and 308 feet high respectively.

Updates on Northern Rockies

Field Offices in the Northern Rockies Region

  • Glacier Field Office

    • Address:
      P.O. Box 4485 Whitefish, MT 59937
  • Grand Teton Field Office

    • Address:
      P.O. Box 1173 Jackson, WY 83001
  • Yellowstone Field Office

    • Address:
      Bozeman, MT

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