By modifying miles of fencing, NPCA volunteers have worked for years to help Yellowstone pronghorn migrate safely and survive.


Yellowstone Pronghorn

Learn about Yellowstone pronghorn and how NPCA is working with landowners, land managers, and volunteers to restore this iconic species.

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For centuries, Yellowstone pronghorn have migrated from summer habitat inside the park to critical wintering grounds north of the park. Unfortunately, over the last half-century, development and increased fencing along this critical migration route have impacted the long-term survival of this iconic herd. Unlike elk, pronghorn do not readily jump and often turn back when confronted with fences. However, pronghorn pass easily under altered fences.

Through its pronghorn program, NPCA works to re-establish winter migration habitat for Yellowstone’s pronghorn antelope. Since 2010, NPCA has been working with private landowners, public land managers, and hundreds of volunteers to remove or modify fences that once restricted pronghorn migration, allowing this species to thrive again.


Yellowstone Pronghorn Project: Restoring Ancient Paths

Fences have long been a barrier for Yellowstone pronghorn antelope, as they migrate to crucial winter habitat beyond park borders. Despite being the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere,…

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NPCA’s one-of-a-kind, innovative on-the-ground education and engagement program with ranchers and volunteers is helping pronghorn migrate farther north than they have in decades, however there is still work to be done.

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