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    An Alabama Album

    Summer 2022

    Images of struggle and persistence at five national park sites.

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    Troubled Waters

    Summer 2022 | By Ben Goldfarb

    For decades, biologists and anglers stocked national parks with nonnative trout. What will it take to undo the ecological damage?

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    Trailing Justice

    Summer 2022

    A double murder in Shenandoah and writer Kathryn Miles’ search for the truth.

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    Unburying the Past

    Summer 2022 | By Rachel Monroe

    The Blackwell School, a rare remnant of segregation in West Texas, is poised to become the next national park site.

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    The Enemy Within

    Summer 2022 | By Todd Christopher

    For two centuries, feral goats plagued what is now Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. In the end, controlling them required hunting, fencing and a bit of ungulate espionage.

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    Are you Talking to Me?

    Summer 2022 | By Julia Busiek

    Researchers in Yellowstone recorded a vocal  interaction between a wolf and a pair of great horned owls. Are the animals actually communicating?