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    Golden Days

    Summer 2021 | By Julia Busiek

    Treating the lockdown blues with a close-to-home adventure in Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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    Call in the Wild

    Summer 2021 | By Kevin Grange

    Search and rescue, CPR, a hair-raising ambulance ride. All in a day’s work for a paramedic in Yosemite.

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    Tourist Time Capsule

    Summer 2021 | By Katherine DeGroff

    Before selfies were in and big hair was out, Roger Minick traveled the country capturing photos of visitors at national parks.

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    A Chilly Refuge

    Summer 2021 | By Ben Goldfarb

    Rock glaciers, long neglected by science, may help creatures from pikas to stoneflies endure climate change.

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    Miners' Angel

    Summer 2021 | By Nicolas Brulliard

    A century ago, Mother Jones faced bullets and long odds in her quest to better the lives of coal laborers working in New River Gorge and other West Virginia mines.

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    Summer 2021 | By Katherine DeGroff

    How artist Amber Share turned the rants of national park killjoys into a viral sensation.