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    Lofty Heights

    Spring 2022 | By Ernie Atencio

    We were young, brown outsiders in the world of outdoor adventure. Climbing Grand Teton marked a turning point.

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    Obed Refuge

    Spring 2022 | By David Brill

    How a backyard national park helped heal a family in transition.

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    Full Circle

    Spring 2022 | By Karuna Eberl

    At Bears Ears National Monument, a crew of young men from the Pueblo of Zuni is caring for the cliff dwellings their ancestors built 800 years ago.

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    Loss & Legacy

    Spring 2022 | By Katherine DeGroff

    On the lives of science luminaries Edward O. Wilson and Thomas E. Lovejoy.

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    Turtle Troubles

    Spring 2022 | By Julia Busiek

    New research from Padre Island National Seashore highlights the toll that ingesting plastic is taking on green sea turtles.

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    On Thin Ice

    Spring 2022 | By Stephanie Pearson

    As the climate warms, Lake Superior’s ice coverage shrinks — and opportunities to visit Apostle Islands’ ice caves and experience other winter rites of passage along the shore are slowly…