NPCA’s Sun Coast Region operates out of Hollywood, Florida on issues relating to the diverse national parks of Florida, Louisiana, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Whether paddling a canoe through the subtropical wonderland of the Everglades, touring the casemates of Dry Tortugas’ Fort Jefferson, or snorkeling along coral reefs in the crystal clear waters of the Virgin Islands, parks in the Sun Coast are culturally distinct, eminently historic, and a little wet and wild. Tackling threats to these parks, both big and small, is the mission of the dedicated staff of the Sun Coast Region.

Encompassing Florida, Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, a significant focus for this team’s work is on marine protection and community engagement, which results in far-reaching improvements for the health of this region’s waters and wildlife, and the enhanced experience of the millions of visitors exploring and playing in these national parks. Among its many priorities, the Sun Coast staff actively participate in the largest ecosystem restoration project in the world—America’s Everglades—working to reestablish historic water flows to this critical and unique landscape.


Sun Coast Regional Office Field Reports

These field reports provide timely updates and perspectives on issues of interest to our members and supporters in Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

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A region rich in history, the team also fights to keep America’s stories alive, from the fields of the Chalmette Battlefield in New Orleans to the plantations of Cane River Creole. Other campaigns include defending the fragile coral reefs and vital fisheries at Biscayne and Virgin Islands National Parks, fighting to preserve the Florida Panther’s swampy habitat in Big Cypress, and increasing access to parks through public transportation. By targeting park management plans and engaging the local community, Sun Coast staff ensure our parks receive the attention and protections they deserve.

As we celebrate NPCA’s centennial in 2019, the Sun Coast staff will continue its existing programmatic work while also expanding its engagement of a broad base of supporters and advocates – including urban and veteran voices – in efforts to preserve and enhance America’s National Park System.

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