NPCA believes that engaging the next generation is critical to ensuring the protection of our national parks, which is why we launched the Next Generation Advisory Council.

The Council brings together a group of individuals, ages 18-34, to explore effective methods of engaging younger generations in national park advocacy and protection. As a diverse group of leaders and advocates, members of the Next Generation Advisory Council work closely with NPCA to ensure the protection, enhancement, and enjoyment of our natural and historic resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Lucy Alejos

Saad Amer

Zachary Bolick

Katherine Dockery

Jessica Haas

Nicole Jackson

Qwynne Lackey

Chris Liu

Jessica Loya

Neil Matouka

Ashley Mocorro Powell

Tasfia Nayem

Alfonso Orozco

Ayomide Sekiteri

Alejandro Soto

Ethan White Calfe

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