Katie Hobbs is a Senior Legislative Advocate for Federal Affairs with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). She works to defend environmental safeguards for wildlife, water, and public health, and develops proactive federal strategies to advance conservation, climate adaptation, and sustainability.

Katie grew up on the California and New England coasts. Her love for the outdoors was fostered by summers spent outside or at the beach and on countless family hiking trips. Katie’s roots in environmental advocacy and resource preservation run deep—she credits her parents with igniting the spark in part through constantly collecting trash or debris on hikes, and by taking every opportunity to remind her and her sister that wandering off the trails would threaten the chance for others to enjoy them.

Katie holds a degree from in International Studies from the University of San Francisco, with a specialized focus on environment and development, and her thesis explored the connections between conservation and preserving indigenous and local knowledge. In her current role at NRDC, she actively works with diverse groups and partners to influence environmental and conservation policy goals. As she explores more parks and forests, Katie continues to nurture her deep desire to ensure that our wild spaces are preserved for future generations and accessible to all.