of Americans say climate change is negatively impacting national parks*

NPCA works to protect national parks and communities from the causes and detrimental effects of climate change. From the halls of Congress to the courtroom, we fight to ensure our nation’s bedrock environmental laws are strong and hold polluters and the government accountable to those safeguards. We also advocate for place-based climate policies and best practices that value the needs of vulnerable populations as we seek to ensure our national parks endure.

While national parks are warming at twice the rate as the rest of the country, through swift and comprehensive climate action, we can reverse course and protect our national parks.

NPCA leverages the popularity and unique protections of national parks to mitigate greenhouse gas pollution, advance clean energy solutions and support measures to help natural, cultural and historic parks be more resilient to climate impacts. We do this work alongside partners and local communities, with Congress, and with federal and state agencies.

*The NPCA national poll was conducted online by The Harris Poll January 2022. Learn more at npca.org/parksunite

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Advocating for Climate Solutions that Protect Parks and People

NPCA fights to protect our national parks and their climate, air, lands, wildlife and water. We hold polluters and the government accountable to the laws and policies that protect our…

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