Resource Nov 9, 2020

Working to Significantly Reduce Waste at National Parks

We're working to keep our parks cleaner for all of us and you can help!

Through an innovative partnership between Subaru of America, Inc, NPCA, the National Park Service, park concessionaires and surrounding communities we are keeping millions of pounds of waste out of our national parks and the landfills.

With an average 330 million visitors each year, the National Park Service manages nearly 70 million pounds of waste nationally, which would fill nearly 600 dump trucks.

Together, we are working to address this at three iconic national parks: Denali, Grand Teton and Yosemite, to better educate and engage visitors about the amount of waste in our parks and what they can do to help. As part of the multi-year Don’t Feed the Landfills Initiative, these three pilot parks have made incredible progress to shrink the environmental footprint in and around their parks.

Watch to learn more about our success and long-term impact to the parks, their surrounding communities, and all who visit them.


Don’t Feed the Landfills

Waste in national parks is an ongoing challenge where on average, nearly 70 million pounds is collected annually. Working with our many partners, we set out to address this mounting…

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Last year alone, they cut the amount of waste going to landfills by nearly half. And since the launch of the initiative in 2015, the three pilot parks have kept more than 16 million pounds of waste out of the landfills!

To learn more about our work together and how you can help, follow along on social with #DontFeedTheLandfills and visit Subaru at

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