A new land exchange will preserve the wildlife-rich “Antelope Flats parcel” with its stunning views and critical habitat.

In December 2016, the Department of the Interior purchased 640 acres of land previously owned by Wyoming and managed by the State Land and Investment Board and transferred this land to the National Park Service. This important addition to Grand Teton National Park means the land cannot be sold at public auction, which would have potentially allowed hundreds of private buyers to obtain the land for trophy homes and other incompatible development.

These lands provide unparalleled scenic views and critical habitat for wildlife, including elk, bear, moose, deer, wolves and pronghorn. NPCA and its supporters have been working for years to protect this vulnerable acreage.

Federal funds, including the Land and Water Conservation Fund and additional Park Service funds, provided $23 million towards the purchase of Antelope Flats. Philanthropic groups including the Grand Teton National Park Foundation and National Park Foundation raised the remaining $23 million needed to complete the purchase.

Protecting these lands in perpetuity represents an enormous victory for landscape conservation, habitat preservation and Grand Teton’s millions of visitors.

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