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Wildlife Friendly Fencing

Funding Resources for Landowners in Montana and Idaho through NPCA’s Pronghorn Program

The National Parks Conservation Association’s (NPCA) Pronghorn Program is a volunteer and cost-share program designed to assist private landowners in constructing and modifying fences that reduce wildlife injuries and decrease damages to fences while still meeting individual landowner’s fencing needs.

NPCA has worked with over 50 private landowners since 2010 to construct/remove over 55 miles of fence in the Northern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and offers several options to meet the diverse needs of landowners:

  • Removing unwanted or derelict fence
  • Rebuilding, or modifying existing fence
  • A materials cost-share

Who do we serve

Landowners in Paradise Valley, Madison Valley, Hebgen Basin and NE Idaho who experience large numbers of pronghorn or other ungulates moving across their property are encouraged to reach out to us. We especially encourage folks who have experienced repetitive fence damage due to wildlife, ungulate fatalities due to a fence, or who notice wildlife struggling to pass through their property.

More resources

NPCA can help connect landowners to fencing design resources/experts and additional project-based funding opportunities offered by our partners. We always recommend consulting a wildlife friendly fencing guide such as Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks’ guide: How to Build a Fence with Wildlife in Mind.

How to request funding

The easiest way to contact NPCA about funding for labor and materials for a fence project on your property is to fill out this brief request form.

NPCA Wildlife Fencing Request Form

Requests will be considered on a rolling basis. Please allow up to 8 business days for a NPCA staff member to review your request and reach out to you.

If you have any questions email

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