Report Feb 20, 2024

Pullman Cultural Trail: Bringing stories to life throughout Pullman National Historical Park

A Cultural Trail can utilize public art, green spaces and creative historical interpretation to bring new stories to life and bring visitors to other locations throughout this neighborhood national park. 


Pullman Cultural Trail View Online

There are now new and innovative opportunities for community-led investments through the Pullman Cultural Trail proposal. NPCA and site design group ltd. hosted a public workshop specifically to hear from the community and discuss the recommendations for including underrepresented stories and sites along the trail. This includes connecting existing green spaces, historic landmarks and connecting pathways to more simply and fully navigate the national park grounds.

Site design group ltd., which designed the Pullman visitor center grounds, helped translate these community endorsed concepts into creative, practical and visually appealing examples for consideration at numerous points within the national park boundary. The top recommendations include:

  • Interpretive outdoor exhibits and expanded signage throughout the national park grounds.

  • Digital interpretation that utilizes QR codes to help tell the stories of Pullman families, businesses and community leaders.

  • Art murals and colorful crosswalks to better connect the walkability of the neighborhood.

  • Outdoor plazas and maps in pavement where visitors can walk in the footprints of history, tracing a Pullman factory worker’s day more than 100 years ago and bringing to life the people and places that shaped American history here.

  • Art displays to revitalize parking lots, promote community gatherings and connect more outdoor green space.

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