Pullman honors the unique stories of railroads in America’s industrial past, labor history — including formation of the first African American labor union, urban planning and development of the country’s first model industrial town.


Pullman Cultural Trail: Bringing stories to life throughout Pullman National Historical Park

A Cultural Trail can utilize public art, green spaces and creative historical interpretation to bring new stories to life and bring visitors to other locations throughout this neighborhood national park. 

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What’s New? In collaboration with our many community leaders and partners, NPCA and site design group ltd., shared the vision for a new Pullman Cultural Trail that once realized, will help connect more stories and places within Pullman National Historical Park. To build on the tremendous growth and opportunities connected to Pullman, the cultural trail concepts use public art, green spaces and creative markers to tell the story of the community throughout the park, aiming to improve access and reach more people with untold stories connected to Pullman’s significant history and lived experiences. The Pullman Cultural Trail idea came from Positioning Pullman and Positioning Pullman 2.0, a community driven plan that continues to serve as a blueprint for development and growth at Pullman and surrounding areas.

More than $100 million has been committed to or invested within Pullman over the last nine years, including improvements to public transit and street safety, new housing, and the renovation and opening of Pullman National Historical Park’s visitor center and grounds.

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With More than $56 Million Invested, Positioning Pullman Projects Maximize Benefits of Chicago’s First National Park

With more than half of the original 30 projects complete, the next phase of Positioning Pullman will focus on improving infrastructure, renovating the highest priority historic assets and expanding Pullman’s…

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The park’s growth and development has been years in the making and was charted out by a collaboration led by NPCA along with hundreds of community members, urban designers, architects, engineers and decision makers. The result of this collaboration is Positioning Pullman, an award winning, community-driven plan that continues to serve as a blueprint for development and growth at Pullman, its surrounding neighborhoods and the region. It has become a gold standard for integrating urban national parks into their surrounding neighborhoods and has won multiple national awards.

In 2019, the group gathered again to take stock of how far we had come in achieving our goals and developed Positioning Pullman 2.0 to outline the next tier of priority projects.

The results that have flowed from this collaboration have been remarkable:

  • More than $100 million in public and private investments have been committed within Pullman.

  • New infrastructure that expands public transportation, improves streetscapes, renovates Metra stations and makes the neighborhood safer and more accessible.

  • Expansion of public art and murals and the construction of Pullman ArtSpace Lofts which includes 38 live/work spaces for artists.

  • The renovation of historic homes and other sites that speak to life in Pullman.

Pullman’s upward trajectory will continue as the Hotel Florence and historic structures on the factory grounds will be opened to the public in the years to come. Partner groups within Pullman are also expanding their scope and NPCA and Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning continue to coordinate transportation providers.

Pullman by Train: Exploring Chicago’s National Park

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