Resource Apr 21, 2022

The NPCA Veterans Council

NPCA believes that the voices of military veterans are a necessary component in the work to protect and enhance America’s National Park System, which is why we created the NPCA Veterans Council.

Press Release

Veterans Lead the Way in Protecting National Parks with Launch of Parks Group’s Veterans Council

“With the launch of the Veterans Council, we will further elevate our veterans as essential partners in our work to safeguard some of our country’s most treasured places.” -…

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The Veterans Council bring together veteran leaders with diverse backgrounds from across the country to provide advice and perspective on NPCA’s veteran engagement strategy.

Veterans are respected by the American people for their service. Veterans are seen as credible messengers on issues pertaining to patriotism, active citizenship, and American ideals, and this is particularly true of national parks. Perhaps so many veterans have special relationships with our national parks because there are few other physical manifestations of patriotism, freedom, or democracy. National parks stand out as a tangible symbol of veterans’ service — places where they see, smell, hear, and touch the American ideas and treasures they fought to protect.

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Veteran Council Members

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