For more than three years, the current administration has worked to systematically undermine, degrade and outright attack the laws that protect our public lands, the agencies that manage them and the irreplaceable resources these places protect.

Imagine a 30-foot tall wall ripping through a desert oasis or a field of oil rigs obstructing some of our nation’s most prized viewsheds. Imagine Yellowstone without grizzly bears and Great Smoky Mountains without park rangers. These scenes were once hard to imagine, until now. What if this is what’s left of America’s national parks?

Amid the heartbreaking losses Americans are dealing with during this global health pandemic, the administration has continued to plow forward with policies that could have enormous consequences on our public lands and surrounding communities. As long as the administration continues to rush to decisions, without the opportunity for full public engagement, NPCA will continue fight for our public and environmental health and the protection of our national parks.

So, what’s next? It is up to all of us to speak up before our parks and all they protect are gone forever.

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