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  • Greetings from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

    In a world full of cars, traffic, people, and technology, I am grateful that some wilderness is left. I go to Glen Canyon for the quiet. It is here that I discover the true meaning of solitude, devoid of the typical sounds and company of a forested wilderness. Nothing but…

  • Greetings from Grand Canyon National Park

    Twelve years ago, my husband and I spent 3 days visiting the Grand Canyon. One of those days I suggested taking a hike down into the canyon on the South Kaibab Trail. It was amazing! You don’t realize the vastness of the canyon until you’re down in it, looking up,…

  • Greetings from Congaree National Park

    On a circuitous drive from OH to FL in Oct 2023, I took a side trip to Congaree NP for a day of hiking. Congaree is one of the less visited parks and I got there fairly early, so really enjoyed the scarcity of other hikers. I did the boardwalk…

  • Greetings from Glacier National Park

    Family gatherings at Apgar since 1950s. My Dad’s favorite place to take us. We all have kept this tradition alive and will keep in our family generations to come.

  • Greetings from Fort Point National Historic Site

    Standing proudly against the rugged backdrop of San Francisco Bay's windswept coastline lies Fort Point, a testament to 1850s military engineering. Built by the US Army to safeguard bustling trading ports from potential invasion, the fortress holds a captivating history of strategic defense plans that anticipated the bloodiest of battles.…

  • Greetings from Yellowstone National Park

    In 2009, my wife Terry and I were approaching retirement and sought the advice of a financial planner. She told us that before she could help us with our finances, she needed to know what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. She asked us to create…

  • Greetings from Pinnacles National Park

    Camping at the Pinnacles National Park was an expedition that lingered in my mind long after the tents were packed away. What began as a simple outing with classmates quickly unfolded into a breathtaking journey, leaving profound impressions on my soul. Day one was an overture of awe and excitement.…

  • Greetings from Yellowstone National Park

    I wish the I didn't have to pick one park for this story! When my wife and daughter and I moved from California back to New York, we took a rather circuitous route: In order, we visited Muir Woods, Yosemite, Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Mt Rushmore (in addition…

  • Greetings from Yellowstone National Park

    In the 1950’s I grew up on a ranch just north of Colorado Springs, where the Air Force Academy is now located. Adjacent to our ranch was another large ranch owned by an elderly woman and her family. Our family was visiting them one day when the topic of conversation…

  • Greetings from Crater Lake National Park

    When I was a child, my parents and I took a trip to Crater Lake National Park. I had never seen such a beautiful park before then. We drove around the rim of the crater, taking photos and admiring the view. This visit occurred in the mid-70s, so I'm sure…



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