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  • Greetings from Rocky Mountain National Park

    My very first home was Rocky Mountain National Park where we lived in the ranger cabin at Glacier Basin campground. Dad left the Park service but we spent so much time there growing up. That start to my life has inspired me to visit as many Park sites as possible…

  • Greetings from Valles Caldera National Preserve

    Valle Grande “A seemingly misplaced prairie lies before you, a tawny sea of grass miles deep and broad, which has been dropped into the top of a heavily forested mountain range. This stunning grassland bowl is the Valle Grande.” William DeBuys and Don J. Usner, Valles Caldera: A Vision for…

  • Greetings from Isle Royale National Park

    Sunset from Todd Harbor.

  • Greetings from Glacier National Park

    While hiking the Highline Trail, encountered this big Griz above the trail digging for grubs (or whatever), and had to dodge a few rocks that the big fella dislodged downhill while getting this photo.

  • Greetings from Bryce Canyon National Park

    My wife Debbie and I have been to 400 National Park sites over the past 40 years. Our 400th was in March at Waco Mammoth in Texas. Our favorite in Bryce Canyon in Utah. The unearthly HooDoos and blue skies, combined with the trails through the Park, make for an…

  • Greetings from White Sands National Park

    Will never forget our kids rolling down the sand hills - or the feeling of being on an alien planet!

  • Greetings from Acadia National Park

    A visit to Acadia in 1985 inspired our then 5 and 3 year old sons with the varied landscapes and rugged terrain. They have passed on that love of nature to their children.

  • Greetings from Mount Rainier National Park

    Mt. Rainier National Park had a big role in my coming into this world. My future Dad, Russ Fryburg, managed cabins there in 1942. He'd hangout at Paradise Inn, girl watching. One June night, he locked-in on a stunning redhead, playing that big pinewood piano in the lobby. Even though…



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