A walk through the heart of the nation’s capital brings visitors face to face with larger-than-life presidents and visionaries, open park lands, and elaborate memorials honoring our nation’s veterans and military history. This green space in downtown Washington, D.C., includes more than 1,000 acres of land showcasing such iconic sites as the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Approximately 25 million people visit each year to experience this unique collection of structures and spaces honoring the nation, its democracy and its citizenry.

East Potomac Park

For many locals, East Potomac Park is one of D.C.’s best-kept secrets. This airy peninsula just south of the Jefferson Memorial drives a grassy wedge between the Potomac River and the Washington Channel. The park draws sports enthusiasts throughout the year with its public golf courses, seasonal public pool and scenic riverfront trail. Hains Point, at the park’s eastern edge, offers stunning views of the river, Fort McNair and the National War College.

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