Advocacy takes many forms — from writing letters, scheduling meetings with decision-makers and hosting rallies to telling stories, picking up trash or recruiting one’s friends.
Stories of Advocacy

Fearless & Outspoken

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In “Fearless and Outspoken,” we explore some of the many ways people and groups have stepped up to speak out about an issue that matters to them. At National Parks Conservation Association, we have been advancing this type of advocacy for 100 years. To us, it’s personal. These national parks are our parks. And they’re yours, too.

The engagement of our partners, allies, volunteers and supporters is critical. No matter if the campaign simmers over decades or escalates with startling speed. No matter if we’re staring down corporate giants or grappling with an issue as pervasive as climate change. Together, we’re building healthier communities — and a stronger National Park System.

Unconnected with the Government and absolutely independent of political or other adverse influences, it has become the fearless & outspoken defender of the people’s parks and the wild life within them against the constant, and just now the very dangerous, assaults of commercial interests.

Co-Founder Robert Sterling Yard on NPCA’s role, 1920

Advocacy Story

Saving Olympic’s Soundscape

A former Navy medic lobbies in Washington to protect natural sounds and peaceful solitude in Olympic National Park.

Advocacy Story

Preserving a Way of Life in Alaska

A native Alaskan fisherman fights a proposed mine to protect his family, community and culture.

Advocacy Story

Protecting Biscayne’s Fisheries

A world-renowned angler speaks out to protect Biscayne’s fisheries.                                                                                                                                            

Advocacy Story

Inspiring Connections, Building Leaders

A Minnesota photographer’s images bring our volunteers’ stories to life.                                                                                                                

Advocacy Story

Tackling Air & Climate Pollution

Next Generation Council Member speaks out for clean air in parks.                                                                                                                

Advocacy Story

Preventing Mines on Yellowstone’s Doorstep

A local business owner unites his community against mining threats outside Yellowstone National Park.

Advocacy Story

Pulling Together for Pullman

A retired music professor organizes his neighborhood to secure a new park designation.

Advocacy Story

Rewilding the North Cascades

A retired biologist works to further species recovery in the North Cascades.                                                                                                                              

Advocacy Story

Showing Pride for Stonewall

A former corporate finance professional spreads the national park message to help tell America’s story.

Advocacy Story

Conserving California Desert Water

An activist re-engages after the 2016 election to become an effective advocate for California’s desert parks and monuments.

Advocacy Story

Protecting Antiquity at Chaco Culture

A historic collaboration protects sacred sites from oil and gas development.                                                                                                                

Advocacy Story

Keeping the Hogs Out of the Buffalo

A certified organic farmer and owner of a cabin rental business advocates to protect the health of the Buffalo National River.

Advocacy Story

Funding Our Parks

A congressional park champion and an outspoken supporter with ancestral ties to public lands advocate for increased park funding.

Advocacy Story

Getting Every Kid Outdoors

A high school student uses her new-found love of parks to inspire others to get outdoors.

Advocacy Story

Protecting Joshua Tree from “Paradise”

A former high school math and science teacher rallies a diverse group of stakeholders to protect the landscape of Joshua Tree National Park.

Advocacy Story

Restoring Jamestown’s Historic Viewshed

Save the James Alliance co-founder becomes outspoken ally in our campaign to protect Jamestown’s historic viewshed.

Advocacy Story

Expanding Access to Gateway National Recreation Area

Local college student encourages friends to pitch in to protect Jamaica Bay.

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