Resource Oct 2, 2023

Mid-Atlantic Young Professionals Advisory Council

NPCA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office established the Mid-Atlantic Young Professional Advisory Council in support of NPCA’s strategic effort to engage young people to make a difference and bring unique perspectives to efforts to protect national parks and public lands

The Mid-Atlantic Young Professional Advisory Council will build connections with fellow park lovers as well as receive trainings and mentorship from the Mid-Atlantic team to build their advocacy skillset. Throughout the year, our council members will work with NPCA to engage in key campaigns across our region, volunteer and attend events with NPCA staff. These young leaders all have unique experiences and backgrounds, providing new perspectives to our campaigns and advocacy.

2023-2024 Mid-Atlantic Young Professional Advisory Council:

Aaron King

Abi Glaum

Anna Solberg

Ashley James

Chris Pence

Christina Sabochick

Cynthia Sanchez

Evan Williams

Jayda Hayma

Jillian Blair

Laura O’Brien

Lauren Hatcher Trovato

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