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Preserving LGBTQ History

LGBTQ history is everywhere and deserves national recognition. Out of the 423 national parks in our system, two-thirds preserve our history and culture, but only one (Stonewall National Monument) has been established for the sole purpose of preserving LGBTQ history. It is time for the National Park Service to tell more of our stories.

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While Stonewall National Monument is an incredible park and preserves an integral moment in queer history, it is but one piece of a vast and diverse history that exists in all corners of this country. Unfortunately, the stories of LGBTQ people across America have been continually erased from our history books. Very few known structures significant to LGBTQ history remain standing, and contributions of LGBTQ historic figures are often unrecognized in historic interpretation at existing national parks.

In recent years, the Park Service has worked to recognize LGBTQ history both within and outside national park boundaries and conducting the LGBTQ Theme Study in 2016. This theme study identifies many notable individuals, events and places in queer history across America, serving as an incredible tool for the Park Service to begin including these stories in their stewardship of our shared history.

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Although progress has been made, much has yet to be done. Future LGBTQ generations deserve to see themselves represented in national parks. Representation is an integral part of making our national parks safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ people. NPCA is committed to protect and enhance LGBTQ stories everywhere, and ensure they are accurately represented in our national parks system.

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