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    Which Presidents Have Created the Most National Monuments?

    Dec 2022 | By Angela Gonzales, Linda Coutant

    Presidents from both political parties have used the Antiquities Act to preserve natural and cultural resources. Here’s a top-10 list of presidents who have created national monuments on public lands.

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    Why Returning Grizzlies to the North Cascades Is a Great Idea

    Nov 2022 | By Graham Taylor

    Here are 5 reasons NPCA supports the recently announced environmental review process by the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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    The Best Gifts for National Park Lovers — 2022 Edition

    Nov 2022 | By Abbey Robertson, Alana Garibaldi

    ‘Tis the season for shopping for the park lovers in your life! In a gift-giving slump? Check out these items sure to bring some light to friends, family or that…

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    What Does Veterans Day Mean to You?

    Nov 2022 | By Linda Coutant, Angela Gonzales

    We asked members of NPCA’s Veterans Council and veteran staff members to share their thoughts on this special day and the role national parks play in telling the story of…

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    Reflections on the Clean Water Act

    Nov 2022 | By Chad Lord

    50 years after the Clean Water Act brought the Cuyahoga River back to life, an NPCA staffer looks back on the progress made — and what still needs to be…

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    Building Resiliency Against Disasters

    Oct 2022 | By Alison Zemanski Heis, Sarah Gaines Barmeyer

    Hurricanes and other disasters are harming our parks. NPCA is advocating for more resources to help staff prepare before emergencies strike.