Greetings from Grand Teton National Park

In 2008, I sent a check of $450 to a gentleman in Denver whom I had never met. He was organizing a trip across Wyoming for other Brokeback Mountain loving individuals like himself. He said the money would cover my lodging and most of the meals planned on the excursion. I was also to buy a plane ticket to Denver and to call him when I arrived to arrange a pick-up.

(I know what you’re thinking)

A week before my trip, my family and roommate mentioned their concern for my safety. Being an only child with a thirst for adventure, I turned on my selective hearing abilities. Upon my arrival in Denver, I called the phone number I was supposed to call and was informed that Rodney was going to be picking me up. Within the week spent in Wyoming, I had become very close to more than 22 individuals from around the world. We were all there for the same reason; to bear witness to the seemingly untouched wilderness that is Wyoming. Spending one of those days and nights at Signal Mountain Campground was all it took for me to fall entirely in love. Had I not been brave to venture out with complete strangers in a place I had never been, I would never have met such wonderful people let alone take this photo of Mount Moran at sunset. Grand Teton National Park holds a special place in my heart to this day. I have since revisited several times to show others what they’re missing and to remind myself how beautiful our planet is.


Grand Teton National Park

This spectacular destination preserves a dramatic stretch of the Teton Range bordering the Snake River. One of the unusual features of these distinctive mountains is the absence of foothills, meaning that there are no smaller mountains blocking the view. The park also features glacier-carved lakes, a historic district of weathered buildings made by 19th century Mormon homesteaders, and an abundance of wildlife large and small, including nearly 1,000 bison that roam the grassy fields in herds.

State(s): Wyoming

Established: 1929

“I support the national parks not only because of the sanctity of the wilderness and its inhabitants, but also to preserve the beauty of an untouched place and the magic it holds.”

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