Greetings from Gateway Arch National Park

“I can’t believe this is a national park,” I said upon seeing the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. When I think about national parks, I imagine dense forests, solid rock formations, or other stunningly beautiful natural structures, not a 630 feet tall steel, man-made arch.

I couldn’t help but wonder why such a tremendous engineering feat was built in the first place, let alone what a tram ride to the top would be like. The day was scorching and the thought of visiting its air-conditioned museum was enticing so my parents and I decided to visit. Seeing that we didn’t have much time to spare, we decided to settle for a quick visit to the underground museum. There we learned not only about the symbolic importance of the arch, marking the starting point of Westward expansion, but also of St. Louis’ rich cultural history from its beginnings as a trading center all the way up to the present day. Situated in the middle of St. Louis, the Arch provides wonder and awe while celebrating the city it adorns.


Gateway Arch National Park

At 630 feet high and 630 feet wide, St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch is the tallest arch in the world and the tallest monument in the Western Hemisphere.

State(s): Illinois Missouri,

Established: 1935

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