Greetings from Gateway Arch National Park

We were road tripping across the US from Minnesota to Arizona and planned our route based upon National Parks. When we finally settled on a route we both said we were most excited to hike in the Arches National Park and I knew just how to make it extra special. We did several of the hikes throughout the park and this photo is from our final hike for the day to see the Gateway Arch. We hiked all the way up took in the view, took some photos, then my partner tried to turnaround and call it good. I had to remind him we did not hike all this way to not get a photo together under the arch! So we lined up and started chatting with the folks in line, like any good midwestern would do, and met a very nice couple from Iowa who were scoping out parks to bring their daughters too. Since they had daughters we knew they had to be good at taking photos and asked if they would take ours and they kindly agreed. We then walked over under the arch and I got down on one knee to ask the love of my life to marry me…he panicked at first thinking I was falling but quickly realized what was happening, as did everyone around us and most importantly the mom from Iowa. He said yes! Then the applause started to echo throughout the bowl with shouts of congratulations and the biggest shoutout to the mom from Iowa who beautifully captured all of it!


Gateway Arch National Park

At 630 feet high and 630 feet wide, St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch is the tallest arch in the world and the tallest monument in the Western Hemisphere.

State(s): Illinois Missouri,

Established: 1935

“Our land is special and sacred and it’s the most precious resource we have and must be protected. We love to be outdoors and clean natural land truly does have healing powers. ”

National parks represent the best of America. Why do you care about protecting and preserving them? Tell us why parks matter to you!

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