Greetings from Indiana Dunes National Park

I am a native Chicagoan and for my birthday last year my sister and I visited the Indiana Dunes for the first time. After having lived in Chicago my entire life (all 41 years!) I had never visited the Dunes. They did not disappoint. It was a lovely trip and a breathtaking environment. I am so glad that I visited and I hope to make it a recurring trip.


Indiana Dunes National Park

An urban oasis just 35 miles outside of Chicago, this park includes more than 15,000 acres of sensitive dune lands, bird-filled marshes, oak and maple forests, and remnants of once-vast prairies.

State(s): Indiana

Established: 1966

“As an avid environmentalist, I want to give my money to organizations working to preserve this precious land. And as a Black woman, I want to demonstrate how important it is for organizations to know that there are minorities who love the outdoors and who, provided the opportunity and outreach, would work to collaborate on ways to protect it for the future for all communities.”

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