Greetings from Fort Caroline National Memorial

My photo is that I enjoyed my day at Fort Caroline National Memorial on September 7, 2022. My parents and I first stopped at the Visitor Center to learn about Fort Caroline and its history at Timucuan Preserve. After which we started hiking along the French Memorial Trail to Fort Caroline. Along the way, I saw the Indian Tepees of the Timucuan Friends that tells me the history of how Indians took shelter. Next, we hiked to Fort Caroline and saw the fort and saw the oven near the fort entrance. After we saw the fort, we hiked on the nature trail called “The Hammock Trail” Indeed, I helped my parents overcome the obstacles like up and down the little hills and around the tree roots near the hill. After timing and patience, finally made it out where I saw the visitor center and the parking lot. I had an excellent experience at Fort Caroline just east of Jacksonville, FL. I loved to hike on the trail just like a Boy Scout. Of course, as a wise scout said, “Be prepared for anything”, I will hike on different trails with my friend, and/or a family relative so that I can have an awesome adventurous time.

Fort Caroline


Fort Caroline National Memorial

Settlers founded Fort Caroline in 1564 as one of the first French colonies in the United States. Spanish troops attacked the fort in 1565 and massacred the inhabitants, ending French colonization of the region. The Spanish occupied the site as San Mateo until 1569. Today, the site is managed as part of the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Though no one knows the original location of the fort, the current memorial on the banks of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida, was built near the place where French explorer René Goulaine de Laudonnière first landed his boat.

State(s): Florida

Established: 1950

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