Greetings from Redwood National & State Parks

I live in Washington State, growing up we ventured out and traveled to Minnesota every other year as a family to visit family. On our way we stayed in every National Park we could find. That was back in the 1950 through 1960’s… Since then our family, my husband and our kids, did the same. We have been to the North Cascades National Park, Olympic National, Oregon Caves, Petrified Forest, Redwoods (Photo of Husband in front of one of the giant trees), Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Zion, Capitol Reef National Park (one of my favorites), Crater Lake, Canyon Land, Bryce Canyon, Badlands, Arches. Now the one we really had a bad experience in was Death Valley and that was we went the wrong time of the year with friends, It was the last week in June and the last week they were open. It was so hot there it was hard to breathe. Loved it even with the heat. Little Big Horn National Park has changed so much since 1959 with more information had now that was not available then. Mesa Verde is one of the wonderful places to go just to see the valley below and all the ruins. Again I live in Washington State so of course we have been to Mount Rainier and surrounding areas. Traveling in our trailer we have a great time just seeing things. My husband had never been to Yellowstone or Mt. Rushmore so we had a month planned to just visit those two especially. He was really impressed in Rushmore National Park. Last year we took a run down south and visited the Redwoods National Park which we later recognized as one of the places we stayed on our honeymoon in 1968. It was wonderful to be back to see what changed and what stayed the same. Each Park has its own wonder and it is easy to revisit them because of nature and history.


Redwood National & State Parks

Redwood National and State Parks protect a primeval landscape where the world’s tallest living organisms, towering coast redwoods, thrive. Visitors can feel small as they stroll in the shadows of these enormous trees and explore rocky undeveloped beaches, fern studded canyons, open prairie, oak woodlands, and fog-filled river valleys. These diverse habitats support myriad wildlife and plants, including several rare species.

State(s): California

Established: 1968

“Each Park is a part of history in this country. Three years ago we took a 22 state trip in a circle, going back as far as Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and back home to Washington. Each of these were to learn more about our Parks and history of the area. ”

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