Greetings from Shenandoah National Park

I am a 65 year old lover of the outdoors and an avid hiker, cyclist and camper. My life has been sprinkled with visits to National Parks across America, most recently Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. My wife and I camped at Big Meadow and participated in Hike for Histiocytosis, a disease one of our granddaughters has. In 2012 I did a thru hike of the AT and remember the Shenandoah area as one of my favorites. In 2017 I can see why I felt that way. What an amazing park with beautiful vistas, open meadows, roaring creeks and a wide variety of wildflowers!


Shenandoah National Park

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia, Shenandoah features rolling tree-lined hills, wooded hollows, spectacular waterfalls and a diversity of wildlife, all easily accessible from the scenic Skyline Drive. The park preserves a remarkable slice of southern Appalachian natural history and beauty with a dazzling array of recreational opportunities.

State(s): Virginia

Established: 1935

“Given today's national political climate with a president determined to cut National Park funding and a Secretary of the Interior seemingly more interested in corporate America than with preserving our country's wilderness, now is the time that we as private citizens must act. Small donations made by a large number of people will go a long way in securing long term protection of our National Parks. That is why I give.”

National parks represent the best of America. Why do you care about protecting and preserving them? Tell us why parks matter to you!

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