Greetings from Mount Rainier National Park

At age 19, freshmen in college, my twin and I had few extra dollars to spare on our thirst for travel and nature. That’s how we ended up at Mount Rainier working at Paradise Inn for the summer of 2010. We blindly accepted a job that seemed too perfect, and that summer turned out to be a cornerstone of our young adulthood, life philosophy, and relationship. Through our adventures in this pristine wonderland, we reconnected to our selves, each other, and clarified our meaning of life. I cannot even explain the sense of renewal 3 months of paradise can do! That same sense of self awareness, togetherness, and renewal occurred this past May when we hiked the Grand Canyon’s Hermit Trial. Now 25, engaged, and with full time careers, we subconsciously felt the need to do something way out of routine for our last time being know as just “the twins.” The rugged beauty of that place! Every turn there was a different aspect of nature to marvel at. Where as Rainier allowed us to see our path through college, the Grand Canyon helped us see our path for our upcoming new futures and realize that there will always be a little of our 19, naive, adventurous selves within us. Its really in the wilderness that one can find their true being and meaning in life.


Mount Rainier National Park

Majestic Mount Rainier is the highest peak in the Cascade Range and an active volcano with more glaciers than any other mountain in the United States. Just an hour's drive from Seattle, the park's wild landscape feels much further from civilization. The forests, parkland, wetlands, lakes and rivers offer 260 miles of trails and varied habitat to dozens of plant and animal species.

State(s): Washington

Established: 1899

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