Press Release May 1, 2013

Interior Secretary Jewell Visits the Everglades, Touts Support for Tamiami Trail Restoration Efforts

Visit exhibits administration's dedication to restoring and protecting Great Waters

Statement by Theresa Pierno, Executive Vice President for the National Parks Conservation Association and Co-Chair for the America’s Great Waters Coalition

“As Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell tours the country to see America’s national treasures, we are delighted that she chose to visit both Shenandoah and Everglades National Parks this week. In Florida, Everglades restoration has seen unprecedented progress over the last four years and Secretary Jewell’s visit shows the Administration’s dedication for fully restoring the River of Grass, which has also been recognized as one of America’s Great Waters for its economic, social, and environmental importance, and serves as an economic generator, supporting local communities and Everglades National Park.

“With the recent completion of the long awaited one-mile bridge on Tamiami Trail, and President Obama’s FY2014 Presidential Budget proposal that includes $30 million for Tamiami Trail Next Steps bridging, we are thrilled that Secretary Jewell will be able to see firsthand how elevating Tamiami Trail an additional 5.5 miles is vital for protecting critical habitat, restoring historic water flows into Everglades National Park and Florida Bay, and ensuring America’s Everglades will be preserved for future generations.”

Statement by Dawn Shirreffs, Everglades Restoration Program Manager

“The Administration and the National Park Service’s continued leadership and support is needed to restore America’s Everglades, one of the world’s most diverse and iconic wetlands. According to the National Park Service, Tamiami Trail Next Steps bridging will bring an estimated 3,700 jobs to the state, and for every dollar invested in our national parks returns an average of $10 to local economies.

“We hope today’s visit by Secretary Jewell is one of many visits to America’s national parks, including the Everglades. We urge the Administration and Congress to continue restoration momentum and to support strong funding for Tamiami Trail Next Steps bridging.”


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