Protect the James River from Ill-Sited Power Lines

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© Scott Neville for the Washington Post/Margaret Fowler of the Save the James Alliance

The James River in Virginia is virtually unchanged since Captain John Smith explored its waters 400 years ago. Yet a local power company wants to build a new transmission line with 17 gigantic towers through this culturally rich waterway. Please urge developers to explore other locations for this project, which could destroy a seminal part of American history.

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A Mammoth Victory

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© City of Waco Parks and Recreation

On July 10, President Obama designated the country’s newest National Park Service monument: a fossil-rich area known as Waco Mammoth in Texas. Meet the woman who oversees the site’s outreach and operations, and learn how the spectacular bones discovered at the park have provided researchers with unique insights into the Pleistocene Era.

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Room to Roam

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Photo © Jonathan Eden/iStockphoto

NPCA's new report and infographic on Yellowstone's famous bison outlines a brighter future for these iconic animals. Learn more and urge Interior Secretary Jewell to write a better future for these animals.

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Water You Waiting For?

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Photo © Roberto A. Sanchez/iStockphoto

Go beyond the hiking trail and enjoy national parks from a refreshing vantage point: water. Rivers and lakes offer adventurous routes through some of the country’s most remarkable landscapes, including views you just can’t see from land. See NPCA's picks for 10 great places around the country for boaters of varying experience levels.

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Meet the Three People Least Impressed with the Grand Canyon

A view that failed to impress three recent visitors to Grand Canyon National Park. Photo © Katherine McKinney.The Grand Canyon is a jaw-dropping place. Unless you’re a six-year-old. At that age, you’re interested in bugs and boogers, stuffed animals and Starburst candy. Pretty much everything in life is bigger than you, except for maybe your little sister. So the canyon that your parents drove hours to visit becomes just another large thing […]

On the Eve of the National Parks’ Centennial, We Must All Work to Make Parks More Diverse

Paddling at Gateway National Recreation Area in New York. Photo © Michael Falco.Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. I cannot imagine a world without the beauty these spaces offer us. We have inherited these remarkable places from those who came before us, those who saw the need to honor the history that is represented at public lands like the Statue of Liberty, […]

Trivia Challenge: Telling a Supreme Story

The U.S. Supreme Court. Photo © Orhan Çam/Dreamstime.Q: The U.S. Supreme Court plays a critical role in upholding the Constitution, shaping national policy, and defending the promise of equal justice under U.S. law. In its most recent term, the court issued key decisions on a range of important national issues, including health care, marriage, air pollution, and more. Despite the enduring importance […]




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