NPCA works to safeguard national park waters and aquatic habitats from their greatest challenge – climate change.

Our 88 coastal parks are living laboratories, providing vital information about the health of our oceans and our national parks. Hundreds of millions of Americans depend on clean, healthy waterways and oceans, teeming with abundant wildlife for their livelihoods, cultural identities and well-being.

Coastal parks in the National Park System cover more than 11,000 miles of shoreline and 2.5 million acres of oceans and Great Lakes’ waters.

With today’s rapidly changing climate, our coastal national parks are on the front lines of climate harms with rising temperatures and sea-levels, to frequent flooding and shoreline erosion, to more extreme storms, coral bleaching, and longer visitation seasons. NPCA works to protect, restore and strengthen our coastal national parks by advocating for federal funding and stronger policies to protect more of our oceans and waterways. Doing so not only makes our parks and communities stronger to combat climate harms, it promotes human health benefits, our livelihoods and local economies.


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Parks in a Changing Climate

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