Greetings from Fort Monroe National Monument

My Great Grandfather got his freedom by fighting in the Civil War as a Contraband Slave…Mayor Robert Butler is still hated for giving the Contraband Slaves Freedom. I am just a Farmer just like my Great Grandfather and came here to study him using the Native American Farming Secrets they gave the American Slaves. Please help me get a larger-than-life statue of Mayor Robert Butler at Fort Monroe because he also put forth the first Civil Rights Law in Congress.


Fort Monroe National Monument

Nestled at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Fort Monroe played a pivotal role in ending slavery in America, when it became known as "Freedom's Fortress" during the Civil War.

State(s): Virginia

Established: 2011

“Only the True History of all the 6,000.00 Contraband Slaves help heal this Country, bring the Major role of Native Americans played in helping my Grant Grandfather get to his freedom at Fort Monroe. Helping them rebuild a burned-down town, trading food/craft/transportation with Native Americans. The True history will also stop the misunderstanding of my painful research that has caused my children and family to suffer as this history was not given to the City of Hampton in 1958 by this small town of Pheubus until I come here in 1995 to study my Great Grandfather who is just like me. "Joyce Beggs". After fighting for his freedom he returned to North Carolina and his kids "my Uncles continued to serve the United States at Fort Bragg. We must save the Name of Forth Bragg. But I need help, Amen!!!!”

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