Greetings from Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

In 2016 I was awarded an artist residency at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. I painted on location for two weeks at the park. I was hosted by wonderful staff and rangers. The landscape was unlike any I had painted before at other National Park Artist-in-Residence programs. The Canyon was deep, and was experienced from above lookouts, as well as from lower elevations on boat trips. I am extremely fortunate to have lived at this park for two weeks, and to have experienced dusty dirt clouds from wild mustangs, breath taking skies, and rainbows of rock formations. Thanks again to the staff at Bighorn Canyon. They are currently plannning an exhibition of artists works created as a result of their Artist-in-Residence Program August 2017 through February 2018 at their Lovell, Wyoming Visitor Center.

Patricia Rottino Cummins

Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

This underappreciated jewel offers a variety of outdoor attractions, from hiking to whitewater rafting to bird-watching to stargazing. One of the park’s most popular activities is horseback riding, and visitors can enjoy more than 180 miles of riding trails and stay in special campsites that will accommodate horses. The East Rim Overlook in the southeastern area of the park offers a spectacular view of where the river cuts a deep gorge into the Cumberland Plateau. Some of the most interesting natural features include the natural sandstone arches that formed along the edges of the gorge — hikers can see more than a dozen of these beautiful structures on the western side of the park.

State(s): Kentucky Tennessee,

Established: 1976

“They are a painter's inspiration!”

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