Greetings from Gates Of The Arctic National Park & Preserve

Our family visited every National Park before my brother went to college. We had to pull off a fast play to get Pinnacles done as it was so recently added. This collage framing our first map of the parks prior to the new additions serves as the centerpiece to our kitchen where people relive our park visits when they visit our home. Greatest accomplishment of our family. I am now doing a senior research project on the topic of adding another National Park and hopefully from my home state, New Hampshire.

Peyton Kent

Gates Of The Arctic National Park & Preserve

Without roads, trails or formal campgrounds, Gates of the Arctic’s 7-million-acre wilderness covers vast terrain, including the jagged peaks of the Brooks Mountain Range, glacier-carved valleys, boreal forest, six Wild and Scenic Rivers, and arid stretches of polar desert — all north of the Arctic Circle.

State(s): Alaska

Established: 1980

“Because all good things come from protecting our most valuable resource and gift. ”

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