Greetings from Channel Islands National Park

My wife and I visited this beautiful place in June of 2013, just after the budget cuts had gone into effect. There was a park ranger who informed us that she was the only one, and while trained in First Aid/CPR, she was not medically trained. Therefore, she warned us that if we weren’t sure if we could do something or not in the park that might cause injury, we shouldn’t do it. I could tell she was not happy to tell us this, and I felt terrible for her that she was put in this awful position. Also, I felt more vulnerable. Luckily, nothing happened, and we had a wonderful day trip. Park Rangers are incredible people, knowledgeable, strong, helpful, and protective. They should be given proper staffing, proper pay, and respect from us and our government.

Jeana Melilli

Channel Islands National Park

Sometimes referred to as the “Galapagos of North America,” these five islands serve as critical habitat for a variety of vulnerable and recovering animals, including the island night lizard, the threatened Scripps's murrelet, the snowy plover and the park’s distinctive island fox, found nowhere else in the world. The nutrient-rich waters and kelp forests surrounding the park nurture a surprising diversity of marine life as well, including dolphins, whales and exotic-looking starfish. Only accessible by boat or plane, visitors can explore the islands' isolated trails, rocky beaches and pristine coves in relative solitude.

State(s): California

Established: 1938

“The National Parks are healing, peaceful, unforgettable places that enrich my life on a daily basis. If I'm having a hard day, all I have to do is recall seeing Half Dome for the first time, the beautiful coves of The Channel Islands, or Skyline Drive in Shenandoah, and I am a much happier person.”

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