Greetings from Joshua Tree National Park

Every park has a story. We were expecting a story about Joshua trees and other desert life. We were pleasantly surprised by the story of the prospector’s seeking their wealth in the park and also the geology of the park and convergence of the Sonoran and Colorado deserts.


Joshua Tree National Park

This iconic park preserves portions of two spectacular desert ecosystems. The Colorado Desert in the eastern portion of the park features natural gardens of creosote bush, ocotillo and cholla cactus. The higher, slightly cooler Mojave Desert offers dazzling vistas of Joshua trees and yucca. The vast park also contains spectacularly sculpted formations of a type of rock known as monzogranite and is a mecca for rock climbers around the world.

State(s): California

Established: 1994

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  • Greetings from Joshua Tree National Park

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