Greetings from Glacier National Park

It was September, 2011, and I was in the midst of what I called my trek. I had promised myself that I would visit Glacier NP after seeing pictures of it somewhere or other. About one year earlier I had been diagnosed with cancer and during the period when I was recovering from surgery, I gained a lot of weight and the arthritis, which exercise had kept at bay, had invaded my body. But I determined I would make this hike to Hidden Lake. People passed me on the way, children among them. But I kept going and was rewarded with this view as I sat and rested. A young couple joined me, The woman, a scarf wrapped around her head, sat next to me. She was just a girl, really, slight, pretty. Soon we were talking and somehow or other, my cancer came up. She listened to my story, and then told me that she was being treated for brain cancer. I commented on her attitude, on the aura of peace that seemed to envelope her. How do you do it, I asked. And she told me about her faith in God, about her, what I would call, relationship with God, and how she trusted in Him. There we were, two people of a different age, thrown together by sheer chance, both dealing with cancer, one with a serene, sure sense and belief that all would be well. I didn’t and don’t believe in God, but she inspired me to rediscover my feelings about being an integral part of the universe, and to deal with my own cancer in a manner approaching hers. I only deeply regret I didn’t take her picture so I could have tangible evidence that we really did meet. After all, she said her name was Helena and we were in Montana.


Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park preserves more than a million acres of forests, alpine meadows and lakes with habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal life.

State(s): Montana

Established: 1910

National parks represent the best of America. Why do you care about protecting and preserving them? Tell us why parks matter to you!

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