Greetings from Cape Cod National Seashore

Where should I begin? This has been our Summer and now other seasons playground for over 20 years. I have seen the Dunes shift from Coast Guard to Provincelands and every day I am blessed to be at the magical place, I thank God, JFK and everyone who continues to preserve this beautiful place: pods of seals swim by, piping plovers decide to take over and if you are lucky, you may spot a wild turkey. This National Park has also been the primary backdrop and inspiration for my photography website On The Path Photography. Thank you for allowing me to share my story and photo taken during the magical light at Race Point- Proconcelands July 2018.


Cape Cod National Seashore

Famous for its windswept beaches and spectacular views, Cape Cod National Seashore offers a quintessentially New England experience, from Nauset Lighthouse to the seaside cottages that nestle among the dunes. The park’s 43,000 acres make up most of the curving peninsula between Chatham and Provincetown, featuring barrier islands, pine and oak forests, wild cranberry bogs, kettle ponds, tidal flats, and historic structures from the area's long maritime history.

State(s): Massachusetts

Established: 1961

“God is not making any more land- these magical beauties are the treasure trove of nature, flora and fauna. 💚 for today and hopefully generations to come! ”

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