Greetings from Bryce Canyon National Park

Two years ago, my family and my sisters’ family embarked on a trip through Bryce, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. It mirrored a trip that our grandfather took my sister and I went on when we were seven and four. We know that we made memories in those magical places that our children will treasure when they are adults.


Bryce Canyon National Park

This popular park is most famous for its colorful hoodoos, and there are more of these artfully eroded spires here than anywhere else on Earth. The area is not actually a canyon, however, but a series of amphitheaters which feature remarkable rock formations and extensive forests dominated with conifers, including ancient bristlecone pines. Together with Zion and Grand Canyon National Parks, Bryce Canyon is part of a geologic wonder known as the Grand Staircase, an immense area of rock with layered sedimentary formations ranging from 600 million to 2,000 million years old.

State(s): Utah

Established: 1942

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    This picture is me at Bryce Canyon National Park in August of 2012. I was going into my senior year of high school and hadn't taken any environmental studies classes yet. My primary relationship with wilderness at that point mostly consisted of myself being scared of it. I was particularly…

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    My oldest grandson and I visited Bryce and Zion this summer was an amazing trip filled with new vistas around each curve ...he too became enraptured by the space, colors and form ...walking trails, seeking new forms and best watercolor Iight along these cathedrals .

  • Greetings from Bryce Canyon National Park

    We visited 10 parks during a 5 week car trip. Best value in the USA. We must keep our National Parks in good shape, so all can enjoy the wonderful sights and natural environment. Donate.


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