Greetings from Death Valley National Park

Just takes your breath away!
Day one - Flowers everywhere you look! Day two - 200 plus feet BELOW sea level! Day three - Unbelievable views of the salt crusted valley below from Dante’s peak. Day four - Ubehebe Crater to Mesquite Flat Dunes to smooth cool rock walls in Mosaic Canyon….sigh, I don’t want to go home!


Death Valley National Park

A world of extremes, Death Valley is the nation's driest, hottest and lowest place, but also features mountains over 11,000 feet high that experience below-zero weather and snow, as well as colorful badlands, sand dunes and canyons. Its dramatic mountains, valleys and dunes are world renowned for their complex and diverse geology. The park also contains a wealth of well-preserved archaeological sites and petroglyphs.

State(s): California Nevada,

Established: 1933

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