Greetings from Acadia National Park

While at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island this summer, I spoke with a representative from the NPCA. We talked about the much needed funds for National Park maintenance. A few days later I found myself exploring Acadia National Park with my wife. It was clear that the park needed some improvements to its infrastructure. During my conversation with the rep from NPCA, he informed me about a bill in the senate written to address these issues. Upon returning home to Delaware, I felt the need to become a member and help preserve National Parks for future generations.


Acadia National Park

Along the rugged coastline of Maine, this gem of the Northeast offers ocean shoreline, coastal forests, remote islands, rocky mountains and historic lighthouses. With 45 miles of historic carriage roads to bike and 125 miles of trails to hike, Acadia is a premier destination for the adventurous and outdoorsy. Among the park’s granite peaks is Cadillac Mountain, which at 1,530 feet stands as the tallest mountain on the Atlantic coast.

State(s): Maine

Established: 1919

“Life is better outside!”

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