Press Release May 1, 2014

Two Key Everglades Restoration Projects Move Forward While Central Everglades Planning Project Awaits Approval

Statement by Caroline McLaughlin NPCA's Biscayne Restoration Program Analyst

“We are pleased that the Army Corps will today be moving forward with two critical Everglades restoration projects – the Kissimmee River Restoration Project and the C-111 South Dade Project. The C-111 South Dade Project is an essential piece to the restoration puzzle and will greatly benefit America’s Everglades and Everglades National Park. The project will serve as an eastern buffer protecting Everglades National Park from agricultural and encroaching development pressures from Miami-Dade County.

“Combined with the one-mile bridge on Tamiami Trail, the C-111 South Dade Project will flow more water south through Everglades National Park and Florida Bay. These projects will help restore the region’s unique native wildlife and habitat and provide a critical escape valve for water that damages Florida’s northern estuaries.

“While we are pleased that this decision will continue moving Everglades restoration forward, we urge continued action on the long-term solutions including the Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP). The Army Corps of Engineers must finalize CEPP by the end of May so that we can continue seeing progress that benefits Florida’s drinking water supply, environment, and economy.”


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