Press Release Oct 16, 2013

National Parks Re-Open for Business, But Long-Term Funding Solution Needed

Statement by Theresa Pierno, Acting President, National Parks Conservation Association

“After a 16-day shutdown, Congress has reached a short-term budget resolution that re-opens the federal government, including our 401 National Parks and Monuments. We are grateful that the dedicated men and women of the National Park Service can return to their jobs serving the American public as stewards of some of America’s most spectacular lands and significant historic sites.“

“Unfortunately, for our national parks, and the communities, businesses and visitors they serve, the budget agreement is a short-term solution that does nothing to address the long-term needs of the parks.”

“Whether it is an unnecessary government shutdown or a damaging set of budget cuts, our national parks and the people who enjoy and depend on them continue to suffer from a failed budget process. Through this disastrous shutdown, local economies have already lost half a billion dollars, businesses have suffered, and too many people have had their lives disrupted unnecessarily. The parks and the American people need and deserve a genuine, long-term budget solution that keeps our parks completely open and ends the slow-motion shutdown that is occurring under the sequester.“

“The public outcry and political support for re-opening our national parks should surprise nobody. According to a recent poll, nine out of ten Americans—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—want and expect the federal government to keep national parks open, protected, and funded. As we move beyond this shutdown, we urge Americans to demand that Congress and the administration pursue a genuine long-term solution that will keep our national parks fully open and adequately funded to serve visitors and protect our national heritage.”

“We thank the park rangers and others who have been either working without pay to protect our national treasures or forced to stay home when they would rather be protecting our parks and providing visitors with safe and inspiring experiences.”


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