Press Release Oct 24, 2013

National Parks Group Supports Recommendations to Establish New National Historical Park Honoring Cesar Chavez and the Farm Labor Movement

Statement by Ron Sundergill, Pacific Region Senior Director, National Parks Conservation Association

“With continued inroads towards diversifying our country’s best idea, the National Parks Conservation Association commends the National Park Service for submitting its recommendations to Congress today for creating and expanding national historical park sites related to the life of César Chávez and the Farm Labor movement.”

“Last October, President Obama used his powers under the Antiquities Act to designate the La Paz site near Bakersfield, California, as the César E. Chávez National Monument; the first national park site to honor a contemporary Latino American. Creating the César E. Chávez National Monument provided an important step towards diversifying our National Park System from the inside out, to ensure that our national parks truly represent and reflect our shared heritage. Since the national park site was designated, students and visitors from near and far now have expanded opportunities for learning of Chávez and the farm workers movement’s legacy, with the National Park Service as their guide.”

“The National Park Service has been working on a parallel effort with its newly released American Latino Heritage Theme Study to continue looking to enhance our National Park System with more stories of great Latino leaders and achievements.”

“We now call upon Congress to help preserve the complete story of Chavez and the farm workers movement for our children and grandchildren. In addition to La Paz, the National Park Service Special Resource Study identified 40 Acres and the Filipino Hall in Delano, California; the 1966 Delano to Sacramento March Route; and the Santa Rita Center in Phoenix, Arizona as recommended sites to complete a new national historical park.”

Click here to read the recommendations from NPS.

Click here to read the NPS American Latino Heritage Theme Study.


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