Press Release Apr 26, 2024

Wondery Outdoors Recognized by National Parks Conservation Association with National Park Defender Award

NPCA names partner recipient of annual award in honor of commitment to national park protection.

WASHINGTON – Today, in recognition of their commitment to empowering people of all backgrounds in the outdoors and national parks, National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) has named Wondery Outdoors the recipient of its fourth annual National Park Defender award. This award, given out each April during National Park Week, recognizes and honors a partner who shows exceptional dedication to national park protection through authentic, impactful partnership with NPCA and educates their customers about the importance of taking action to protect parks.

Partners since 2022, Wondery donates 3% of the purchase price of each of its Parks of the USA Bucket List Bottles to NPCA, resulting in more than $200,000 donated in support of preserving national parks. The brand has a powerful ‘you belong out here’ ethos, which extends to their commitment to ensuring women and people of all backgrounds feel comfortable in our parks and public lands. By introducing more people to outdoor spaces where they have previously felt or been told is not for them and building meaningful connections with the land, and each other, they are inspiring new communities to protect these our national parks and public land.

“Our bucket list water bottle was created to inspire the spirit of adventure, ignite outdoor memory-making and encourage more folks to experience nature,” said Lydia Mok, community director of Wondery Outdoors. “While we’re delighted by its success in the marketplace, generating funds for NPCA’s impactful work in park preservation and wildlife protection is the real icing on the cake. We consider ourselves lucky to be in such a flourishing partnership with NPCA; together we continue to make real change to our earth and the people who call it home.”

Wondery has partnered with NPCA for several events and campaigns to educate and inspire diverse constituencies to want to learn more about and help protect our parks. In 2023 alone, Wondery connected 1,400 women representing diverse backgrounds to the outdoors through impactful community-level events. NPCA was invited to join several of those events, providing hiking guides to encourage women to explore new trails in national parks near them, along with opportunities for women to share their favorite memories in parks and even take action to help protect parks. And through an event in partnership with NPCA in March 2024, the partnership directly introduced women and girls to national park sites in Washington, D.C. that celebrate women trailblazers.

“To ensure national parks remain protected for future generations, it is imperative that we continue to foster a new and diverse generation of park advocates including women and people of color,” said Theresa Pierno, president and CEO of National Parks Conservation Association. “We are pleased to acknowledge the work Wondery Outdoors is doing to advance this mission, from their financial support to connecting their vast network of outdoor enthusiasts to our park protection work and it’s impacts.”

Learn more about NPCA’s annual National Park Defender Award here. To learn more about NPCA and Wondery’s shared commitment to ensuring women and people of all backgrounds feel welcome in, and empowered to help protect our national parks, please read more here.


About National Parks Conservation Association

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About Wondery Outdoors

Wondery Outdoors is a BIPOC-owned and women-led women’s outdoor apparel company. Based in Los Angeles, Wondery makes versatile, comfortable, size-inclusive apparel that empowers women to explore the outdoors. With a focus on historically marginalized communities, Wondery hosts inclusive community events for women of all experience levels to come together and share life-changing adventures in nature. For more info, visit or follow @WonderyOutdoors on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.